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BioTriad currently serves the municipal market with projects in Greenwaste Compost Facilities, Sewage Treatment Plants and Waste Transfer Stations.

Our industrial clients include Ethanol Plants, Paper Mills, Manufacturing Facilities and Refineries.

In agricultural markets we service Daries, Hog Farms, Meat Packing Plants, Mushroom Farms, Slaughter Houses and Food Processing Plants.

Municipal Solid Waste...

BioTriad provides odor control and dust control for Incinerators, Landfills, Recycling Centers, and Transfer Stations.

We also provide Leachate Treatment Plants with coagulants, corrosion control products, flocculants, defoamers, and precipitants.

Wastewater Treatment...

BioTriad supplies corrosion control, grease control, and odor control products for Wastewater Collection Systems.

Our solutions for Sewer Treatment Plants includes antifoaming agents, odor neutralizers, inhibitors, and scavengers.

Dewatering Applications...

We carry a full line of dewatering boxes and containers, filter presses, and oil / water separators for your dewatering needs.

Our coagulants, flocculants, and polymer mixers are designed for municipal and industrial applications.

BioSolids Projects...

BioTriad provides odor control for lime stabilization plants, sludge compost facilities and biosolids refertilization projects.

We carry mobile equipment for temporary seasonal applications such as sludge spreading.

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