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The Customer's Choice in Dewatering Solutions

BioTriad Environmental has an extensive selection of dewatering equipment and chemistry for municipal and industrial dewatering, sludge thickening and wastewater treatment applications.

We offer Roll-Off Dewatering Boxes and Filter Dumpsters for municipal and industrial solids separation projects.

Our AcoustaBlend Mixing and Feed Systems set new standards for quality in municipal and industrial dewatering, with the highest level of reliability and the best warranty in the industry.

BioTriad has a full line of specialty Coagulants for the destabilization of colloidal materials, Flocculants for the bridging of suspended solids, and Solvents for routine maintenance of dewatering equipment.

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BioTriad's outstanding field support and service excellence have made us the customer's choice for dewatering projects.

We provide Complete Turn-Key Dewatering Solutions with installation, service, maintenance, and equipment operation.

Contact us at our corporate headquarters at 888-658-7423

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