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Foam Control Products

AquiFoamEx additives are antifoaming agents that reduce the formation of foam in municipal and industrial processes. AquiFoamEx products include defoamers with an oil base, silicone base and water base, as well as powder defoamers and glycol copolymers. These specialty products come in various mixtures from fast acting additives that knock down surface foam quickly to long lasting defoamers.

Foam Control...

Foam can be produced as an unwanted by-product in many industrial applications that involve the agitation or aeration of liquids.

The formation of foam can hinder the flow of liquids and the transfer of oxygen from the air.

AquiFoamEx products include blends designed to prevent the formation of foam and blends designed to destroy foam once it has formed.

This extensive line of defoamers includes additives for the treatment of surface foam and solutions for entrained or entrapped submerged air.


How it Works...

An AquiFoamEx product must be chosen based on variables such as the surface tension and the interfacial tension of the foam.

A thin layer of the defoaming molecules spread uniformly throughout the foam bubbles.

The active ingredients thin out and destabilize the layered structure of the walls of the foam bubbles.

As the AquiFoamEx blend penetrates the foam walls, the bubbles burst and the entrapped air is released.


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