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Dry Scrubbing Air Purification

BioTriad Environmental is a leading manufacturer and supplier of activated carbon and dry scrubbing products for municipal and industrial air pollution control applications.

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability for our equipment, products and services.

Dry Scrubbing Equipment

We offer an extensive line of standard dry scrubbing equipment, with full customization to fit varying needs.

Our air pollution control systems are durable and corrosion resistant, engineered to provide years of reliable operation.

We back up our quality air purification equipment with the best warranty in the industry.

Air Purification Media

Our activated carbon and impregnated dry scrubbing media is among the industry’s elite in terms of initial and ultimate contaminant removal capacity.

We offer products for a wide variety of uses, with media designed for broad spectrum removal as well as media that target specific contaminants and custom media blends.

Expert Field Services

BioTriad's field installation and maintenance services offer a level of assurance that is second to none in the dry scrubbing industry.

We strive to provide the best possible solution for each specific project with the highest level of field support.

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