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Air Purification

Dry Scrubbing Removes Air Contaminants Without the Use of Water or the Drainage of Spent Chemicals

The Basics of Dry Scrubbing

Exploring The Basics Of Dry Scrubbing Air Purification

Air Scrubbing is a common method of air pollution control for municipal and industrial facilities. There are two standard types of air scrubbing systems: wet air scrubbing (using water and liquid chemistry) and dry air scrubbing (no water and no liquids). BioTriad specializes in dry scrubbing equipment, media and field services.

Types of Dry Scrubbing Media...

Dry Scrubbing removes contaminants
from the air using virgin activated
carbon and impregnated media.

Activated Carbon traps contaminants
in the surface pores of the media.

Impregnates react with contaminants,
converting them to harmless solids.

Dry Scrubbing Overview

What Is Dry Scrubbing

How Does It Work

Activated Carbon Media

Impregnated Media

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