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Air Purification

Dry Scrubbing Removes Air Contaminants Without the Use of Water or the Drainage of Spent Chemicals

Dry Scrubbing Overview

Exploring The Basics Of Dry Scrubbing Air Purification

Dry Scrubbing is a process that removes air pollution from exhaust streams without the addition of liquids or the need to drain spent chemicals. There is no water or liquids involved in dry scrubbing, allowing for year-round operation without the need for freeze protection.

Background Information...

BioTriad is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dry scrubbing products for municipal and industrial applications.

Our goal is to provide the ground work and support to engineer the most cost effective solution for each project.

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability
for our products and services.

Dry Scrubbing Equipment...

We offer a full line of durable dry scrubbing equipment, with full customization to fit varying needs.

• ScrubDry Drum Scrubbers

• ScrubDry Vessel Scrubbers

• ScrubAll Box / Rolloff Units

• ScrubOut Passive Vent Filters

• Temporary Portable Systems
Air Purification Media...

Our dry scrubbing media is among the industry’s elite in terms of initial and ultimate removal capacity.

• AeriCarb for General Pollutants

• AmmoniCarb for Amine Removal

• SewerCarb Mixed Media Blends

• SulfurCarb for Sulfide Removal

• SupraCarb Pollutant Oxidation

Testing & Design Services...

BioTriad’s I-dentification Matrix offers a level of assurance that is second to none in the dry scrubbing industry. We strive to provide the best possible solution for each specific project with the highest level of field support.


A member of our Air Pollution Control Team will visit your site to survey your process, interview your operators, investigate the air pollution source(s) and test the emission point(s).


Our team of experts will analyze the data gathered from the site survey and work with your staff to develop a solution customized to your specific requirements.


BioTriad can complete every phase of your air pollution control project, from equipment design, fabrication and installation to service, sampling, testing, media replacement and disposal.

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