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Air Purification

Dry Scrubbing Removes Air Contaminants Without the Use of Water or the Drainage of Spent Chemicals

How Does Dry Scrubbing Work?

Exploring The Basics Of Dry Scrubbing Air Purification

How It Works...

Contaminated air is forced into a contact chamber containing the dry scrubbing media.

With non-impregnated media, contaminants will adhere to and be trapped within the pores of the activated carbon.

With impregnates, reactions within the media will irreversibly change the contaminants into harmless solids.

What Happens to the Contaminants...

Dry scrubbing media is utilized in the contact chamber of negative pressure ventilation equipment such as a dry scrubbing system or an activated carbon filtration system.

Air contaminants will be removed from the air, remaining within the activated carbon or impregnated media.

It is important to do proper tests to identify which contaminants are present in each specific air stream, as each dry scrubbing media is engineered to remove certain gasses.

Only clean filtered air is exhausted from the dry scrubbing system.

In time the dry scrubbing media will slowly become spent and the initial removal capacity will decrease.

Spent media is removed from the contact chamber and typically disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

The dry scrubbing or carbon filtration system should be sized adequately so the media lasts between one and two years before becoming spent.

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