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Air Purification

ScrubOut Vent Scrubbers an Economical Solution to Air Release Vents, Vent Ducts and Air Vent Pipes

ScrubOut Vent Scrubbers

Municipal and Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment

ScrubOut Vent Scrubbers are passive air pollution control systems designed to remove corrosive, odorous and hazardous gases from exhaust vents.

Product Description...

ScrubOut Air Vent Scrubbers are extremely effective in the removal of air pollutants.

These systems are designed to be utilized in conjunction with BioTriad’s advanced dry scrubbing media.

BioTriad offers standard off-the-shelf models as well as the customization of specialty air purification systems.


ScrubOut units don’t require chemicals, pumps, or liquids of any kind; water and sewer connections are not needed.

Our equipment is available for purchase, short and long term rentals, and supply programs.

Supply Programs combine equipment use and media with service and field support.

• Covered & Underground Tanks

• BioSolids Sludge Projects

• Industrial Exhaust Streams

• Leachate Treatment Plants

• Petrochemical Facilities

• Pumper & Hauling Trucks

• Sewer Collection Systems

• Wastewater Facilities

How It Works...

Dry scrubbers use two types of media; Activated Carbon and Impregnates.

Contaminated air is forced through the media within the drum scrubber.

Contaminants will adhere to activated carbon and become electrostatically trapped in the surface pores.

Reactions within impregnates will irreversibly change contaminant gases into harmless solids.


BioTriad's dry scrubbers can be special ordered in aluminum, fiberglass, polyethylene, polypropylene, epoxy coated steel, or stainless steel.

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