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Dry Scrubbing and Odor Neutralization Systems for Projects with Zero Tolerance for Odor Emissions

NeutraFilter Dry Scrubbing Odor Neutralization Systems

Municipal and Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment

Product Description...

NeutraFilters are dry scrubbers with the addition of odor neutralization technology, designed specifically for maximum odor control.

These odor control systems are ideal for applications where there is zero tolerance for fugitive odor emissions.

How The Dry Scrubbing Section Works...

Dry scrubbers use two types of media; Activated Carbon and Impregnates.

Contaminated air is drawn out of the odor source and forced through the media within the dry scrubbing chamber.

Contaminants will adhere to activated carbon and become electrostatically trapped in the surface pores of the media.

Reactions within impregnates will irreversibly change contaminant gases into harmless solids.

How The Odor Neutralization Section Works...

Scrubbed air is forced from the dry scrubbing chamber, through the air blower, and into the odor neutralization evaporator.

A safe, natural odor neutralizer will be evaporated into the scrubbed air.

Any malodor compounds that were not removed by the dry scrubbing media will be treated within the odor neutralization evaporator.

Odor-free, neutralized air is emitted into the atmosphere.

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