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Air Purification

Activated Carbon and Chemically Impregnated Alumina are often referred to as Dry Scrubbing Media

Dry Scrubbing Media

Municipal and Industrial Air Pollution Control

Dry Scrubbing Media removes air
pollutants from exhaust streams
without water or the need to
drain spent chemicals.

Our dry scrubbing media
includes virgin activated carbon,
impregnated carbon, and impregnated
alumina pellets and granules.


Dry Scrubbing Systems have two components, the Dry Scrubber and the Media that goes in the scrubber.

Dry Scrubbing Media is the reactive portion of the system; the media removes contaminants from the air.

Different media remove pollutants in multiple ways, including electrostatic adhesion and chemical reactions.


BioTriad Environmental offers a full line of dry scrubbing products for a wide variety of uses. We offer media that are designed for broad spectrum removal as well as media that target specific contaminants and custom multi-media blends.

AeriCarb Broad Spectrum Removal Media:

AeriCarb activated carbon products are composed of non-impregnated activated carbon specifically formulated to remove a broad spectrum of air pollutants, including aldehydes, chlorine, hydrocarbons, mercaptans, etc.

AmmoniCarb Ammonia and Amine Removal Media:

AmmoniCarb products are the industrys leading ammonia and amine removal media with some of the highest initial and ultimate removal capacities for basic, high pH air contaminants.

SewerCarb Specialty Mixed Media Blends:

SewerCarb products are mixed blends combining two or more dry scrubbing media in proportions suitable for the removal of a broad spectrum of wastewater gases.

SulfurCarb H2S and Sulfide Removal Media:

SulfurCarb products are the ideal solution to odor, corrosion, and hazardous air pollution from acidic, low pH gases, with specialty media for high capacity and broad spectrum contaminant removal.

SupraCarb Broad Spectrum Oxidizing Media

SupraCarb products contain powerful oxidizers specifically formulated to remove a wide array of air contaminants. These advanced media are designed to oxidize acidic and basic air pollutants with one stage.

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