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Air Purification

SewerCarb Mixed Media Blends Expand Removal Capacity to Treat a Broader Range of Contaminants

SewerCarb Activated Carbon Media

Advanced Air Pollution Control Dry Scrubbing Media Blends

SewerCarb products are mixed blends of dry scrubbing media formulated to remove a broad spectrum of air pollutants with a high removal capacity.

Product Description...

SewerCarb products are composed of two or more media mixed in proportions suitable for specific field applications.

These products are designed for use in dry scrubbing and air filtration systems.

SewerCarb may include impregnated medias and non-impregnated activated carbons in varying proportions.


SewerCarb mixed media blends can do the work of a multistage scrubber with the convenience of a single product.

We offer customization of our blends to fit your specific needs.

SewerCarb blends are engineered to remove a wide range of contaminants common to actual field applications.

Food Processing Plants

Industrial Exhaust Streams

Leachate Treatment Plants

Petrochemical Facilities

Pumper & Hauling Trucks

Sewer Treatment Plants

Sludge Stabilization

Wastewater Collections

How It Works...

SewerCarb media are utilized in ventilation systems such as dry scrubbers and air filtration systems.

Contaminated air is forced into a contact chamber containing the AmmoniCarb media.

With non-impregnated media, contaminants will adhere to and be trapped within the pores of the activated carbon.

With impregnates, reactions within the media will irreversibly change the contaminants into harmless solids.

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