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SulfurCarb Activated Carbon Media for the Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfides and Mercaptans

SulfurCarb Activated Carbon Media

Advanced Air Pollution Control Dry Scrubbing Media

SulfurCarb products are dry scrubbing media specifically formulated to remove sulfide-based gases in municipal and industrial applications.

Product Description...

SulfurCarb air pollution control products are leading the dry scrubbing industry in the removal of sulfur based-gases.

These media are designed for use in dry scrubbing and air filtration systems.

SulfurCarb’s wide array of media yields multiple uses, from corrosion and odor control to air pollution control.


SulfurCarb products range from broad spectrum removal to specialty products that target single contaminants.

These advanced media do not require the use of water.

SulfurCarb products include impregnated medias and activated carbon media for sulfide removal.

• Industrial Exhaust Streams

• Leachate Treatment Plants

• Petrochemical Facilities

• Pumper & Hauling Trucks

• Sewer Treatment Plants

• Sludge Stabilization

• Wastewater Collections

How It Works...

Contaminated air is forced into a contact chamber containing the SulfurCarb media.

With non-impregnated media, contaminants will adhere to and be trapped within the pores of the activated carbon.

With impregnates, reactions within the media will irreversibly change the contaminants into harmless solids.

What Happens to the Contaminants...

SulfurCarb media are utilized in negative pressure ventilation equipment such as dry scrubbing systems and activated carbon filtration systems.

Hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other contaminants will be removed from the air, remaining within the activated carbon or impregnates.

Only clean filtered air is exhausted from the dry scrubbing system.

SulfurCarb products will remove hydrogen sulfide, other sulfides and mercaptans at rates as high as 99.6%.

In time the dry scrubbing media will slowly become spent and the initial removal capacity will decrease.

Spent media is removed from the contact chamber and typically disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

The dry scrubbing or carbon filtration system should be sized adequately so the media lasts between one and two years before becoming spent.

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