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An Introduction to Odor Control

Odor Control is term used to define a broad range of operational processes, specialty chemicals and equipment utilized to reduce and eliminate fugitive nuisance malodors.

At BioTriad, we recommend operational modifications as a first line of defense. Change how you operate your processes to reduce malodor emissions before implementing an odor control system.

If you still have malodors after optimizing your operations, then it is time to look into odor control technology.

For industry-specific information on how to modify your operations, call an expert at (888) 658-7423.

Odor Control Technologies

There are three primary types of odor control systems that can be utilized to treat fugitive odor emissions...

With Source Treatment, additives are applied directly to the odor source to prevent malodors from being emitted into the air.

With Air Purification, the odor source is covered or enclosed so that malodors emitted into the airspace above the source are confined and ventilated through a scrubber.

Odor Neutralization is an atmospheric process that treats malodors in the open air, without covering or treating the source.

Developing an Odor Control Plan

Odor control has become a concern for many municipal and industrial facilities in recent times.

Residential developments have brought neighbors closer to the odor sources while legislation has made odor control a necessity.

Many managers who have had minimal experience with odor control are finding that they must act quickly to mitigate odor complaints.

Our team of odor control experts is here to help;
we offer all odor control technologies, with the expertise to tell when it is best to use each.

The Widest Range of Products

BioTriad is your one-stop source for environmentally safe odor control solutions. We offer the most extensive line of products with a success rate second to none.

Most suppliers don not have a broad range of odor control equipment or chemistry.

With the widest selection of odor control products, we don't have to force one technology to fit every application.

We engineer the best odor control plan for each specific project.

Odor Control Experience

BioTriad's expert staff has an average of over fourteen years of experiance in the treatment of fugitive nuisance odor emissions.

Our odor control team has been involved with thousands of successful odor control applications.

At BioTriad we approach every project with the same goal: find the best possible solution, not the most profitable solution.

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