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Odor Neutralization

Odor Neutralization is the Treatment of Fugitive Nuisance Odor Emissions in the Open Atmosphere.

Vapor Phase Odor Neutralization

BioTriad's Vapor Phase system treats malodors with an Odor Neutralizing Waterless Vapor.

In the vapor phase, plant extracts are evaporated and diluted with air.

This system is ideal for municipal and industrial odor control.
VaporCom Odor Eliminators

Vapor Phase Neutralization does not utilize water, so it can operate year round, even in freezing conditions.

There are no clogging nozzles, oil changes, or bursting high pressure lines. There are no visibility concerns or slipping hazards from water based fog or mist, either.

There are three primary components involved with Vapor Phase Odor Neutralization:

-Vapor Odor Neutralizer
-Vapor Odor Control Unit
-Vapor Distribution System

The Odor Neutralizer is a blend of plant extracts designed to treat fugitive nuisance odor emissions in the vapor phase.

The Odor Control Unit is a durable, corrosion resistant equipment component designed to evaporate the odor neutralizer.

The Vapor Distribution System delivers the odor neutralizing vapor into the fugitive emissions, treating the malodors on contact.

Odor Neutralizors...




Odor Control Units...

-BTOC-V Cabinets

-BTOC-V Trailers

Distribution Systems...

-Covered Tanks

-Open Tanks

-Exhaust Fans

-Exhaust Stacks

-Exterior Projects

-Garage Doors


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